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My guide Simeon, who taught me how to read dice, like the Romans . Simeon came from ancient times. 500BC

Hello. My name is Stephen ThornTon (aka) The Dice Man.

I first saw Spirit when I was just four years old. I never understood why I was able to see “People” when my friends and siblings could not.

I work for a number of Psychic telephone company’s, including Psychic Today. Sky television channel 680.

I have also been featured in many psychic magazines. Chat’s Fate , Take a Break Fate and Fortune and Soul and Spirit.

I came across reading dice a few years ago, when I was visited by Angels, who told me to use them.

I hope as you look through my website, you will find things which you are drawn to. Be it Animal communication to aura scopes Or even the original Ogham Staves.

Recently, I have been doing Vision Quests, where in a meditation, I take you to Australia, where you can meet Aboriginals and turn into animals, feeling what it is like to be one! Also to an Indian reservation in Dakota USA. This is a longer meditation, where you meet the tribe and also have Healing from the medicine man.

I also have the gift of Shaman Magik! This is unique, where i am able to give you Flames of Destiny, and other powerful tools for you to use. This is because in a past life, as an Aborigine Shaman., I belonged to a tribe in Waccadong, NSW. I was a seer and in this life have astral travelled to there Going back in time to see my tribe.

This is a SNAPSHOP of my Spiritual life. More can be found on my page, MY SPIRITUAL LIFE.

Thank you for visiting this website and any feedback, will be much appreciatd.

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