My Spiritual life

I first saw spirit at the age of 4. I had dreams which all came true also nightmares too, which in later life, I learned was a past life experience. Even when i was playing with my friends, I would suddenly have a vision and tell them Most of them were bad visions, like falling off a swing or nearly being run over by a car. At the age of 8, my family went to Devon for a summer holiday. As the holiday was coming to an end, I had a vision, showing me, my parents moving to Devon and my following them a few years later. My Mother actually remarked, she would love to move to Devon, when they retire. Twenty one years later, my parents moved down to Devon to retire! I moved down there to start a job a few years later.

I joined a circle in Exmouth and amazed the lady running it, when I walked in the door and told her, I could see a 10 year old girl with mousey brown hair, dressed in a gingham frock, sitting on the stairs, holding a doll. She told me, nobody else had seen her, although she had run a beginners circle for years. I left after a year! I then joined up with other like minded people and travelled round the South West of England practicing mediumship and went on a healing course with the Corinthians.

I often used to attend evenings of clairvoyance and while the medium was passing on messages, I used to be up there drawing auras. I remember going to a church and telling my mentor, I could see a lady walking in, who had red hair and horse rimmed glasses and pointed out where she would choose to sit. I was in the Kitchen when my friend called to me, as the lady I described walked in. She sat in the very seat, I had pointed out.

In 2007, I attended a course on Animal Communication, receiving a certificate, where I now teach clients how to communicate with their pets. I now also practice reading photos of animals and often make the client laugh, as tell them what their pet thinks of them.

One evening, I was visiting a friend and saw a girl walk through a wall in the room with an elderly lady with her arms round the young girls shoulder. The young girl held the most colourful bouquet of flowers, I have ever seen. I asked her who she was and she pointed to my friends wife and said the flowers were for her. I asked my friends wife about this and she broke down. I found her name was Sarah and she had been still born. She stayed with me for a year, then took me up to heaven to show me her classroom. A few years later, Sarah revisited me and told me, she wanted to stay with me. I agreed. When I met Lesley, Sarah locked her in the bathroom. I think she (Sarah) was protecting me.

She is still with me today.!

I learned about dice after the Angels who work with me, told me to use them. I started reading with dice using a chart, which was shown in a book. Then one day in a garden centre, I met this guy, who was dressed in a white robe and told me in a rich accent, his name was Simeon. Born in Crete in 500BC. He showed me how the Romans used the dice for divination. This completely changed my life! At first clients looked oat me table, saw the dice and wondered how they worked. A good talking point. They led me to be featured in many magazines and Sky television, radio shows and events.

Since early this year, I have been using CRYSTAL DICE. green aventurine and Sodalite. green aventurine are a heart stone and tell me everything I used to get from the plastic “Monopoly” dice. However, they also show me how one feels emotionally. Sodalite are the Third eye stone. Great for telling me how one may think and also a guide to how your spiritual journey is going.

My unique Ogham Staves
Ogham Staves Featured in Chat’s Fate magazine.

Willoween a tree Priestess, introduced me to the Ogham Staves. She showed me the ancient ways of divination, using these tools.

My Spiritual Journey has brought me to many new places. Working in Spain, the USA and connecting to many “friends across the world. Now using Crystal dice, having new experiences, which still astound me. Amazingly how happy I am to help you find your True Happiness and Destiny in your lives.