30-Minute Dice Reading

A unique crystal dice reading. These not only show you your past, but also can predict the future. Green aventurine dice are used for this and are good for showing emotional feelings. Sodalite dice are also available. Brow Chakra. These are good to give insight into your spiritual path and also what others may think of you. Carneleon Sacral Chakra helps you to understand your true intuition and guidance to achieve your goals / needs in your life.


Crystal Ball Reading

A 30 minute unique Crystal ball/crystal dice reading. Seeing your past , present and future, loved ones in Spirit and much more than just a general reading. I can see possible weddings, holidays, future meetings and validation of your past.


45 Minute Crystal dice and Ogham Stave reading.

Unique crystal dice and Ogham Stave reading, which is comprehensive. telling you, not only what the dice predict, but also your Spiritual path shown in the tree runes. An ancient and accurate way of divination.


Aura Scope.

I can draw your aura from a photo or on video. What do the colours mean? How do you show yourself to others/how do they see you? What is coming in for you in the next 6 months. My pastel drawings are unique. They can pick up health issues and also give you a lot of pleasure, seeing it come alive .


Soul Realignment reading.

This is a complex reading. Have you ever wondered why you may make the same mistake again and again? Where your soul comes from? How many guides do I have around me? Have I ever been cursed or made a vow to God? Feel lost and cannot find the way out? This reading shows you how you may have made the decisions, good or bad in this life. I spend two hours preparing your reading. Then one hour with you, face to face, answering these and other questions about you and where your soul originated.


Akashic Record Reading

A past, present and future reading. A glimpse of where you were in a past life. See where you are now and find out where you may be, in a few years time. showing you what will pass in years to come, including future lives. See the positive and obstacles right in front of you. I can show you, what may happen, if you do not follow your destiny