I was shocked to find the testimonial on page 2 in the magazine. Chat’s fate.
Spot on! i did not expect the obvious truth to be right in front of me. Thank you so much. Better than any card reading i’ve ever had.
Amazingly accurate !
i would thoroughly recommend steve to anyone wanting a reading. he is really accurate.
Thanks for my dice reading Stephen and I must say how uncannily accurate you were about most of the message even though we are hundreds of miles apart and you couldn’t possibly know about my life at the moment. A big well done and thank you from me and Spirit x

Thank you for the very accurate reading, Steven.  I am delighted. You are truly gifted. ยท 

Nadine Gould  Steve  was kind enough to give me a dice reading a short time ago. Told me I was moving , expand my business and receive a legal paper also I would be expanding my business, moving which was hard to believe as tried to move for 8 years. He told me i would move in September and the same week a lady came to our house and asked me if i were interested in swopping. We moved in September as Steve had predicted.

Hit the nail on the head. Brilliant. Jayne.

Brilliant, entertaining and insightful reading. very knowledgeable and extremely accurate.

No word other than ” Oh my”. Cannot explain the relief about my family, who have passed over, Amazing medium.

Just had a crystal ball reading. Bang on and so accurate.

This has been an amazing Akashic Record reading. Stephen picked up so much about my past lives and helped me come through important decisions. What a beautiful experience.